Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small piece of data that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. The cookie allows the website to “remember” your actions or preferences over time. Most Internet browsers support cookies; however, users can set their browsers to decline certain types of cookies or specific cookies. Users can delete cookies at any time.

Why do we use Cookies?

We use cookies to learn how you interact with our content and to improve your experience when visiting our websites.

What types of Cookies do we use?

Functional Cookies

Functional cookies are required for basic site functioning and therefore are always enabled. A strictly necessary cookie might store a user’s saved settings or log-in information or provide security for a website.


Performance or Analytics Cookies


Performance or analytics cookies are used to track website visitors and their user behaviour. This data is then used to improve the way the website works and in turn, used to improve user experience. Google Analytics (GA) cookies are one of the most common analytics cookies set by websites. GA cookies collect anonymous information, including the number of visitors to the site, unique visitors where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited.

Analytics cookies require active user consent as per the ePrivacy Directive and GDPR rules in the EU and UK.


Information provided through Cookies


Our Cookies may collect the following information:


  • Your IP address
  • Preferred language
  • The number of visitors to our site,
  • The pages or content with the most traffic,
  • Approximately where in the world you are visiting the site from,
  • How you have found our site e.g from a direct search; link to a third-party site; or link in one of our emails.

First Party and Third-Party Cookies

We use First Party and Third-Party Cookies on our website.

First party cookies are issued from the Prax domains that are generally used to identify language and location preferences or render basic site functionality.

Third party cookies belong to and are managed by other parties, such as Prax business partners or service providers.


Cookie Name Duration

(how long they remain on your desktop or mobile device)

Category Description
viewed_cookie_policy 1 year Necessary The GDPR Cookie Consent plugin sets the cookie to store whether or not the user has consented to use cookies.  It does not store any personal information


CookieLawInfoConsent 1 year Necessary CookieYes sets this cookie to record the default button state of the corresponding category and the status of the CCPA.  It works only in coordination with the primary cookie
_GRECAPTCHA 6 months Necessary Google Recaptcha service sets this cookie to identify bots to protect the website against malicious spam attacks
_cf_bm 1 hour Necessary This cookie, set by Cloudflare, is used to support Cloudflare Bot Management


_ga 1 year 1 month 4 days Analytics Google Analytics sets this cookie to calculate visitor, session and campaign data and track site usage for the site’s analytics reports.  The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to recognise unique visitors


_gid 1 day Analytics Google Analytics sets this cookie to store information on how visitors use a website while also creating an analytics report of the website’s performance.  Some of the collected data includes the numbe of visitors, their source, and the pages they visit anonymously


_gat_UA-* 1 minute Analytics Google Analytics sets this cookie for user behaviour tracking


vuid 1 year 1 month 4 days Analytics Vimeo installs this cookie to collect tracking information by setting a unique ID to embed videos on the website

How do I Reject and Delete Cookies?

You are informed of our active cookies through this Policy as well as through the cookie banner that is visible on our website upon your first visit.

We offer you a tool that allows you to accept all cookies, choose the ones you wish to have or reject them all together (to the exception of strictly necessary cookies).


A stated in our Privacy Policy, should you have any question or concerns in relation to this Cookie Policy, please contact us at: