Gender Pay Gap Report


In 2017, the UK Government introduced a mandatory requirement for all large organisations to report on their gender pay gap, with the data publicly available at  Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery has therefore reported gender pay ever since this date, in a continued and sustained effort to work towards having a more diverse and inclusive Refinery where all individuals feel empowered, valued, and equal.

The gender pay gap

Our 2023 median gender pay gap is 23%.

Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To meet these operational needs, the majority of our employees work shifts.  This business requirement leads to a skew on our gender pay gap reporting, due to shift staff receiving a salary allowance which employees working in ‘day staff’ roles do not receive.

During the next 12 months, it is expected the gender pay gap will fluctuate as we remain committed to addressing the gender imbalance at Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery.

How we are closing the gap

We recognise that our gender pay gap is driven by a lack of women in operational positions, specifically in shift Process Operator roles – an issue which we are working hard to address through our Apprenticeship programme, supporting the Women into Manufacturing and Engineering (WiME) initiative, and via engagement with local schools and colleges about the opportunities and careers routes available at the Refinery.

Working alongside WiME, as well as schools and colleges from across Northern Lincolnshire, we now have an active programme promoting the careers opportunities and prospects available at Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery, plus encouraging the uptake of STEM subjects in general. We are taking a direct opportunity to engage with students to inform and break down the barriers stopping them from considering careers within the oil and gas industry, and to increase awareness of the Refinery as a potential place of employment. This programme is supported by those within operational roles, including current and former Apprentices, who act as advocates for this initiative and play a vital role in inspiring and raising aspirations, especially with female students where we are continuing to see growing interest. This is a positive early indication for future growth and is welcomed by educational leaders, who value the time taken to directly engage with students and young people.

Across Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery, a Diversity and Inclusion working group has been set up to raise awareness and develop a culture of diversity and inclusion. The team, with the full support of the Senior Leadership Team, considers everyday practicalities, such as the welfare facilities and PPE, to identify where improvements need to be made, based on listening to colleagues and acting on their points raised.

Reporting data for 2023

Difference in hourly rate of pay – mean 19.8%
Difference in hourly rate of pay – median 23.0%
Difference in bonus pay – mean -32.4%
Difference in bonus pay – median -147.9%
Percentage of Males who received bonus pay 99.0%
Percentage of Females who received bonus pay 82.8%
Employees by pay quartile
Quartile Females Males
Upper: 75-100% of full-pay relevant employees 3.8% 96.2%
Upper middle: 50-75% of full-pay relevant employees 0% 100%
Lower middle: 25-50% of full-pay relevant employees 1.9% 98.1%
Lower: 0-25% of full-pay relevant employees 23.1% 76.9%
Overall gender split of full-pay relevant employees (not reportable) 7.2% 92.8%