Harvest Energy Marine acquires new bunker tanker

By 3rd June 2019June 22nd, 2021Press Release

Harvest Energy Marine, a member of the Prax Group of companies, is set to expand its delivery infrastructure in UK and northwestern European waters with the addition of a second ocean-going supply tanker to its fleet.

Bunker tanker

The company has acquired the Andros to expand its bunker operations and provide offshore deliveries. The 4,600-tonne deadweight tanker has a mixed fuel oil and gasoil capacity of 4,300 cubic metres and is managed by a highly experienced crew. Built in 2010, the tanker conforms to the highest regulatory standards and operates at unparalleled levels of safety and quality.

The layout of the Andros will enable the Group to securely segregate multiple grades of bunker fuel, allowing supplies to be tailored exactly to customers’ requirements. The layout will also facilitate the company to manage and deliver supplies fully in accordance with the new sulphur emission regulations coming into force in 2020.

Along with the ocean-going bunker tanker Vadero Highlander, which the company acquired in February 2019, the introduction of this larger vessel demonstrates the Group’s diversification and commitment to meet the needs of customers seeking bespoke specific bunkering options in UK and northwestern European coastal waters.

Sanjeev Kumar, CEO of the Prax Group, said: “Our bunker operations are performing exceptionally well. We have an outstanding team with in-depth knowledge and vast experience on both the customer and supply side of the business. The acquisition of the new supply tanker, coupled with our existing vessels, demonstrates our commitment to build a robust and reliable supply chain to meet the needs of our customers. It is the natural evolution in our progression towards making Harvest Energy Marine a leading player in the global bunker market.”

For further bunkering information, contact ara-bunkers@prax.com.