Prax Foundation Roots

Promoting A Culture Of Generosity & Philanthropy

Philanthropy lies at the very heart of our business – it is a core value, and acts as a code of conduct, giving every member of staff a sense of pride in belonging to a company that believes in generosity of spirit, thoughtfulness, service, quality, excellence, humility, creativity, and entrepreneurship. We actively promote a culture of generosity and supports a myriad of good causes, in particular, Prax Foundation Roots.

We actively promote a culture of generosity and support causes that are close to our heart – and in particular, Prax Foundation Roots – and we also support and encourage staff that wish to volunteer their time to their own charitable projects.

In addition to direct support from the Foundation, Prax Group employees have raised significant funds and we are extremely proud of the commitment and support of our staff around the world.

Prax Foundation Roots supports a number of initiatives that encourage staff to become more involved with philanthropy, including:

  • Making project suggestions
  • Individual fundraising events
  • Sporting challenges