The Prax Group Appoints Luc Smets As General Manager Of Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery

By 1st March 2021June 22nd, 2021Press Release

The Prax Group has appointed Luc Smets as General Manager of Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery, located near Immingham in the Humber estuary, in the north east region of the United Kingdom.

This appointment follows on from the Group’s announcement that it has successfully completed the strategic acquisition of the refinery and its associated logistic assets in the United Kingdom, from energy major Total.

Prior to his appointment, Luc was Refinery Manager for the Gunvor Group, where he also sat as Chairman of the refinery’s Board of Directors, and respectively as a Member of the Board of the Belgian Petroleum Federation and a Member of the Board of Mineralöl Wirtschafts Verband – associations which represent the interests of the mineral oil industry in Belgium and Germany. He has over 30 years’ extensive operational experience across the oil and refining industries.

Commenting on Luc’s appointment, CEO of the Prax Group, Sanjeev Kumar, said: “We are delighted to welcome Luc to the Prax Group, and more specifically to Prax Lindsey Oil Refinery. A natural progression for the Group, the acquisition provides the opportunity to integrate the refinery and its associated product flows into our UK distribution and retail footprint. With Luc’s extensive knowledge of all aspects of both the oil and the refinery industries, I look forward to the Prax Group continuing to provide a secure supply of energy to new and existing customer.”

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