The Prax Group Successfully Oversees First Delivery of LNG

By 14th July 2020October 4th, 2021Press Release

The Prax Group has successfully overseen delivery of its first cargo of LNG (liquefied natural gas). Around 75,000 MT of LNG aboard the Golar Bear LNG tanker was discharged at a terminal in Japan, with the cargo sourced from the Middle East.

Golar Bear Discharging At The Semboku Terminal

Sanjeev Kumar, CEO of the Prax Group, said: “I am delighted that the Prax Group has begun to supply LNG, with a comprehensive and competitive offering. The Group first began supplying LNG in 2019, demonstrating our commitment to building a reliable supply chain to meet the demands of our customers, a growing proportion of whom are looking for cleaner, greener fuel alternatives. This expansion is part of our progression towards making the Prax Group a leading player in the global fuel market.”